Monday, March 19, 2018

Winter Hiatus at Medway Trail is Over

We now start our 2018 Soiled Sport Trail Series
St. Patrick's day morning was our last run as part of our winter hiatus at Medway.
Next week we start our weekly rotation of trail locations in and around the London - St.Thomas area.
March 24th at Medowlilly Trail in east London.
A list of all the dates and locations are listed to the right of this column.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Hanging out with Monica

To anyone who has run with me, you know  that my running idol is Monica Scholz a record holder for a number of Ultra Running events around the world.
Her back yard backs onto the Dundas Valley Conservation area in Ancastor, an area we only refer to is Sulfur Springs Trail.
She contacted me a couple weeks ago to inform me she was having one of her 30km fun runs on February 11th and a pot luck to follow at her home.
Since I am far from doing 30k I offered to be the aid station guy, a position her father used to do, but do to illness can no longer do.
So myself, Terri and Brian made the pilgrimage to 'Monica and Phil's.
The London contingent was from the furthest distance but runners from the GTA were e-mailing regrets a the weather was to bad to travel. WIMPS!!
I am sure that now that they have met Monica and Phil along with some of her ultra friends who did show, they will now be as impressed as me.
Water fall next to the trail by "The Gate House" on the main loop.

Monster Donuts, a small donut company in Hamilton that has line ups around the block by people looking to get a dozen, were part of the pot luck

The aid station goodies. Yes that is sushi on the left.
Hot cider too.

From left to right: Terri, Dominique, Monica, Stephan, Iris and Brian made up the 30k group.
The 10k group started at 11;00
Phil showing off the Slow Poke Ultra Relay Team shirt from the 2017 Sulfur Springs Trail Race

His other prized t-shirt he picked up at a recent outing, just to get a reaction from  his running group.
Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Friday, February 9, 2018

You know you have a trail running problem when...

..... your bathroom looks like this, then you may be  spending to much time on the trails.
Saturday morning trail runs are still at Medway Trails starting at 8:01 am.
The Trail season rotation will be in March, or when eve all this snow melts.
Play Dirty...Run Trails

Monday, January 22, 2018

Climate Change

Kains Woods trail just past "Eagle Tree"on Sunday January 14th
The water is high, deep and fast

This is the same place on the trail one week later and you can see where the water line peaked.
That is LuLu in the picture to give you an idea of scale.

On Saturday January 20th our trail run at Medway had 35 runners out.

Sorry to those who wanted to have their shoes 'screwed' after the run, but I had to leave early.
I will keep the cordless drill and box of screws in my car for the next run.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Come Out for the Run..... Stay for the Abuse

It's 3/4 of the way through January and some of you dead beets have been noticeably absent from the Saturday morning trail runs.
Most of the excuses have been "it's to cold out to run".
Why last Saturday I heard an excuse that has to go in the record book of 101 excuses to miss trail runs.
She said she had to miss trails because her husband had been hit in the leg with an axe.
At first I thought her absence was because the police had her in jail for wielding the axe.
(for poor aim?)
But no, it turned out it was a self inflicted log splitting accident.
Lot's of newbies out to join the Soiled Sport group trail runs, so we should point out our trail motto:

  • No Cost
  • No Support
  • No Sympathy

Where: Medway Trail (Google Map link directions listed in the right hand side bar)
When: Every Saturday until March, then we start doing our trail series rotation till November.
Distance: 8km it's an out and back course so you can do shorter distance if you need to
Time:8:01 AM

Afterwards a number of runners head over to Farm Boy for coffee and tell tall tales and bad jokes.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Kains Woods Trail January 14th

The Thames River running fast and cold

But it does create some interesting pictures
Thanks LuLu

Monday, January 8, 2018

A Winter Wonderland is just off of Wonderland!

Medway Trail January 6th
Soft and Fluffy Snow Covered Trails

Temperature was -18C /-25C wind chill

Siri is a snow dog for sure

It was so quite on the trails we heard numerous wood peckers in the tree's and with all the white snow were easy to spot.
Thanks to all the regular trail runners coming out and making the newbies feel welcome.